Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EyakTek Keeps Open with the Press and Community

It is with great hope I ask the Native and business community at large to stand by EyakTek until the entire facts surface regarding the recent news articles regarding the indictment of "four individuals".

In posted news articles we must carefully read between the lines to get to the meat of what is going on. In the spirit of transparency, The Eyak Corporation has went as far to post the entire US Department of Justice Press Release and the entire 42-page indictment against four individuals that are mentioned in various articles.

Any corporation, minority or non-minority, can be targeted by unethical individuals. We can only root for companies, like EyakTek, who have to endure this and at the same time hope that if and/or when this happens to our own organizations that we will all be portrayed in a fair and accurate manner as well.

The national group, Native 8(a) Works, released the following statement on October 4th, 2011:

"...The alleged wrongdoing by a few individuals is exactly that – the actions of individuals – and these individuals’ crimes should not be considered representative of the Native corporation subsidiary or the broader category of Native-owned 8(a) companies that provide excellent products and services to the federal government."

Let’s go through this together - root for truth - and then see what we can learn from this along the process.

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