Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Senator Murkowski Listens to Her Constituents and Victory Dangles Close

Senator Lisa Murkowski listened to her large passionate base of supporters in Alaska, many of whom are Natives, and ran as a write-in candidate to reclaim her senate seat. The political powers in the Lower '48 told her it couldn't be done....but little did they know that you should never tell a strong Alaskan woman she can't do something, especially when she has the power of the most amazing state in the union behind her.

Victory is now dangling close for Lisa Murkowski and at this time it appears it is in the rear view mirror for tea party candidate Joe Miller.

Alaska Natives around the state rallied individually and corporately for Lisa. Individuals happily vented support at their social networking sites and gave her campaign a great boost. By doing this they helped persuade many undecided people to fill in the oval and spell M-U-R-K-O-W-S-K-I.

What was unique about Lisa Murkowski in this race is that she brought both the democratic and republican voters together. Even elected democrats publicly came out in support of Lisa. Such unprecedented support from both democrats and republicans is quite rare in most senate races. The reason she has gained this support is not because of what she has promised she will do for both sides, it is because Lisa Murkowski has already EARNED support with her actions.

Whether you are an indigenous person living in Alaska, or living in the States, losing Lisa would impact you. She is an strong supporter of indigenous rights. Losing Lisa, would have been losing a lot. She is a champion for the successful Native 8(a) Program which helps our Tribes and Alaska Natives work to create a better opportunities for the advancement of our people.

We need a senator, exactly like Lisa Murkowski, who is strong enough to stand and fight against any anti-Native policies, sandwiched in any bills, being pushed through Congress by people like, Senator Claire McCaskill.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has been a champion for Native people. Yesterday at the polls, Alaska Natives championed Senator Lisa Murkowski!

Why does Lisa make a stand for the Native 8(a) Program? It is surely not because it is the popular thing to do. Senator Lisa Murkowski understands that Congress created the successful Native 8(a) Program and we shouldn't mess with success!

Keep up the good fight Senator Murkowski and know Alaska Natives will be there next to you!!

"Don't ever underestimate the power of a strong Alaskan Woman, maybe that's what I leave you with!" Lisa Murkowski to election central reporter on November 2, 2010.