Friday, February 19, 2010

Sealaska Corporation Set To Receive Promised Land - Critics Balk

Sealaska, an Alaska Native corporation (ANC) set to receive land entitlement in 2010 from the 1972 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) legislation. They gave up 17 million acres in trade for 375,000 acres. It is less than one percent of all land conveyed to Natives in ANCSCA.

Critics who have a problem with this entitlement are no better than the gold/land grubbing greedy expansionists who broke treaty with Native American's years ago. Native American's, which of course include Alaska Natives, have given up so much for the United States. Our country must live up to their word to Native Americans. As a society it is time to evolve not revolve.

For more information check out this excellent February 18, 2010 article by Chris McNeil Jr. at the Juneau Empire:

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  1. Sealaska Shareholder Action Alert: Sealaska Promised Land being held hostage - contact your senator: